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terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2015

This re-post is so delayed, but I share it on this old...

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This re-post is so delayed, but I share it on this old vegan-recipe/inspiration blog in the hopes of inspiring others and - hopefully - gaining some connection with a vegan community here on Tumblr.

Beautiful cows I met while getting lost in Lantau, HongKong… Also an appropriate image to accompany my announcing that, after sixteen years of being vegetarian and about five years of being on-and-off vegan, I am resolving to go completely vegan as of *today, May 21, 2015! It hurts my heart to live with my values out of sync with my choices, and as much as I love pimento cheese and rum cake, I love and care about animals more than these fleeting and replaceable indulgences. I acknowledge that not everyone everywhere can sustainably be vegan, but with the many food and lifestyle choices I have living on St. Croix, I am able and thus choose to value farmed animals’ suffering over my own convenience. Thinking deeply, the main issue I’ve had with staying vegan in the past has been lack of community and a fear of offending others… but, at this stage in my life, I see with a lot of clarity that it is a waste of my limited time to stress over the opinions of those who would try to make me feel bad about choosing to live how I know is right in my heart. However, it is hard to live against mainstream culture, I won’t deny that, and community and support are so important (hence why I’m bothering to “announce” this)… so, fellow vegans, I invite you to #follow. I could really use your support and encouragement, and I will of course reciprocate. Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! ✌🏼️🐓🐮🐏🐣💜🐄🐐🐷

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