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terça-feira, 21 de julho de 2015

Dinner last night: Polenta with Wine-Simmered Veggies and Cashew...

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Dinner last night: Polenta with Wine-Simmered Veggies and Cashew Cream Tomato Sauce. 🌽🍅🇮🇹🍷

This dish sounds a lot more complicated than it actually was because I used primarily pre-made ingredients. You can, of course, make it more homemade by preparing the polenta and tomato sauce on your own, but this is my weeknight-friendly version.

Vegan wine used: Torres Viña Sol.

(Serves two)
-1 18 oz roll pre-cooked polenta, sliced into ½ inch thick rounds
-4 cloves garlic, crushed and roughly chopped
-½ an onion, chopped
-1 zucchini, cut into half-moons
-1 yellow summer squash, cut into half moons
-½ head of cauliflower (or ~2 broccoli crowns), chopped
-4 red chiles, sliced with ~2/3 of the seeds removed (adjust to your spice desire)
-¼ c dry white wine
-A pinch of cinnamon
-Salt and garlic powder to taste
-High-heat oil (i.e. Canola)

For the sauce:
-½ c good tomato sauce
-½ c cashew cream (I didn’t use this whole recipe here, but the recipe I use to keep a constant supply in the fridge consists of: 1 c cashews, soaked for at least an hour, drained and then blended with 2 cloves garlic, 1 tsp Dijon mustard, 1 tsp lemon juice, 2 tsp soy sauce or salt to taste, 2 tsp white wine, and 1 tsp arrowroot powder)

-In a large pan, sauté the onion over high heat for about two minutes, or until it first starts to turn translucent. Turn the heat down to medium, and add the chiles, garlic, some garlic powder, and cinnamon. Let sauté for about 2 more minutes, and add the cauliflower, seasoning well with salt. Let sauté for 3-5 more minutes, and then add the zucchini, summer squash, and wine to the pan. Allow to simmer on medium-low heat while you prepare the polenta.
-In a small pan, heat a small amount of oil - no more than a teaspoon - on high heat until a drop of water sizzles on contact. Fry the polenta rounds on each side, intermittently seasoning with salt and garlic powder, until warmed through and the edges are crisp.

Serve with wine and lots of love!

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