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quarta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2015

Happy World Elephant Day! 🐘 To live in a way that treats these...

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Happy World Elephant Day! 🐘 To live in a way that treats these fascinating, intelligent, empathetic, majestic yet goofily adorable beings with respect, please:

-DO NOT ride elephants, whether in your home country or abroad. The methods used to “break” the spirits of these wild animals are incredibly cruel, and the elephants suffer physically and psychologically (their backs are actually very weak).

-DO NOT attend circuses that use any animals, especially elephants. Elephants are sensitive prey animals, and the leading theory regarding their communication is that they use low-frequency rumbles, perceived through their sensitive feet.. Accordingly, a circus environment, full of noise and the requirement that animals perform tricks that can be dangerous to them, is about the most stressful environment in which an animal can be placed. Even though Ringling has pledged to “phase out” its use of elephants (over years…), they have no plans to phase out the enslavement of their other animals, and their entire history reeks of exploitation, from their original theft of the animals from India to their constant and virtually unregulated abuse of the animals to date. As most of you are adults, I don’t see why you would go to a circus, anyway, but please don’t take children you know, either. I cannot imagine a worse lesson to teach a child than “it’s ok to exploit someone for my entertainment.”

-DO NOT attend zoos (I can’t believe I even have to write this in 2015). Many, if not most, zoos keep their elephants in solitary, cramped conditions; a terrible idea for animals that walk as far as 30 miles per day and live in family units. Also, be skeptical of any facility that claims to do “captive breeding of endangered species” with no game plan for actually returning the animals to the wild.

-DO NOT buy ivory, as this is the driving force behind poaching.

-DO visit and support reputable sanctuaries, such as PAWS and the Elephant Sanctuary in the U.S. and Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

-DO educate your friends about kindness and compassion 🐘🐘🐘

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