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quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2015

Real Talk from Vegan Outreach💜 From my own policy work...

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Real Talk from Vegan Outreach💜

From my own policy work experience, I acknowledge that the incremental changes in farmed animal welfare have resulted in some reduction in animal suffering, and for that, I praise them. However, for those who object only to “factory” farming (if even that…), I recommend soul searching and meditating on this quotation. I cannot say that I would prefer to be killed by a trusted friend than a prison guard or that I would ever consent to someone taking a child from me so that my milk could feed another species… And, as such, I am vegan. As a lifestyle, it is healthy, delicious, and much easier than one might think. I welcome any questions or thoughtful discussion on the topic. Love and compassion to all on this beautiful day.

🙏🏼 🐓🐷🐣🐊🐟🐮💜

(Hostility and bacon jokes will be ignored.)

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