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segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2015

Vegan Month of Food, Day 19: Lunch On the Go from Uca’s! I’m...

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Vegan Month of Food, Day 19: Lunch On the Go from Uca’s!

I’m behind on my food blogging, once again, as I chose to be fully present in the adventures of this past weekend (check my Instagram account for pictures of the rainforest, a white-sand beach, and pirates)… But the prompt for Day 19 fits my gorgeous lunch of yesterday so well. Uca’s, located in Frederiksted, is actually one of my favorite casual spots to eat in the world, but because it is a little out of my way, I hadn’t actually made it since I moved back. On my plate is tofu in a sweet chili sauce, sweet and sour onions, stew greens, corn on the cob, gorgeous salad, veggie quinoa pilaf, and (not pictured), seasoned lentils. Pro tip: if you go, get a big bag of the spicy popcorn. You won’t regret it. To drink, I had a big, delicious cup of chlorophyll, and felt a little sneaky as I brought it to the bar to drink and dance to Kurt Schindler… I love my rum, like a good island girl, but natural green juice does me just as well for those positive Sunday vibes. ✌🏼️🍃

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