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terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2015

Vegan Month of Food, Days 12-13 (catching up a bit): A Tour of...

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Vegan Month of Food, Days 12-13 (catching up a bit): A Tour of My Kitchen and Afro Vegan, My Favorite Cookbook 🐚

I love my island kitchen. I love that it looks out onto a hibiscus bush that attracts hummingbirds, lizards constantly climbing on the windowsill, and I love how bright and welcoming it is. I love cooking and baking in it, as you can see by the ingredients taken out of the fridge (and my glass of wine…). Even though it’s technically a part of my dining area, I included my seashell chandelier as an example of the mermaid decor in this house that I adore.

Inside the kitchen, I keep a few of my favorite cookbooks, and the current “king” is Afro Vegan by Bryant Terry. Having spent so much of my life in the Caribbean, and raised by a Deep South family, this cookbook incorporates so many of the comforting ingredients and fishes that I grew up with (black eyed peas, grits, biscuits, peanuts, plantains, etc.), but imagines them in flavorful, whole-foods recipes that are healthy without sacrificing method or tradition. Thank you to my awesome brother for gifting it to me for Christmas!

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