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segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2015

Happy Meatless Monday, y'all! 💜🐮 Big things in the media,...

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Happy Meatless Monday, y'all! 💜🐮 Big things in the media, lately… Neither of these publications are particularly progressive or animal-friendly, yet both have recently published information about the health and environmental consequences of the first-world human appetite for “red” meat. The Nutrition Action article, written by the head of the Harvard School of Public Health, cuts a lot of the bull (hehe 🐂) surrounding red meat marketing and “paleo” style fad diets, particularly the myths surrounding how much iron and protein human beings actually need to thrive and that “grass fed” beef is better for the environment than conventional (spoiler: it’s not). While the article does not discuss animal welfare, which is not surprising for a publication that strictly addresses food and human health, it does provide environmental impact comparisons of red meat inclusive, pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets, and explicitly states that a vegan diet is the lowest-impact option. Having known this for a long time vis-a-vis scattered scientific studies gathered in eco/pro-veg pieces, it was amazing to read such a highly-regarded conventional expert publish that, if the price of beef actually reflected the environmental and resource costs of its production, it would be a luxury good to be consumed only a few times a year. So, darling friends, check these articles out, and even if you don’t give a 🐸 about animal suffering (which baffles and depresses me, but I see it a lot), if you care about your body and our earth, please consider cutting out - or at least cutting back - on your animal product consumption… Start by going meatless today. Or, follow in my amazing mom’s footsteps, and keep sweet cows and pigs off of your plate. ✌🏼️🐄🌎🐖💜 You are stronger than your cultural conditioning.

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