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domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2015

The Ultimate Tofu Scramble 🐣 Happy Sunday morning, little...

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The Ultimate Tofu Scramble 🐣

Happy Sunday morning, little darlings!

Eggs or no eggs, this is the best scramble I’ve ever made – truly, ever. The lack of eggs is good news for the baby chicks of the world, 240 million of whom are killed by being ground up alive, just for the sin of being male, in the United States, every year. 💔🐥 (And yes, “organic/free range” eggs contribute to this horrible industry, too.) I don’t usually get so serious in a recipe, but this carnage is so sad, and especially with so many substitutes on the market, so unnecessary (not that any culinary tradition justifies grinding up baby animals). If you like scrambled eggs – or any savory, comforting breakfast – I highly recommend this recipe.

(Serves two)
- Half a block of tofu, cut into ~1" slabs and pressed (sandwich the tofu in layers of tea towels or paper towels, place a heavy object - i.e. - a heavy book on top, and allow the liquid to be pressed out for at least 15 minutes)
- 1 ½ c mixed veggies - I used broccoli florets, orange bell pepper, and yellow squash
- 2 tbsp vegan margarine
- 1 tbsp water (omit if you like a very dry/firm scramble)
- 1 tbsp tomato paste
- 2 tsp soy sauce
- 2 tsp turmeric
- 1 tsp Spike seasoning
- Optional: vegan cheese (I like Chao)

- Heat the margarine and water (if using) in a heavy-bottomed pan. Add your tomato paste and soy sauce, and mix until totally combined and bubbling. This is a nice “umami” base for your scramble.
- Add your slowest-cooking veggies (here, the peppers) and cook for about one minute. Add the rest of the veggies, and stir well.
- Crumble your tofu into the pan (see the photo for a good texture base). Mix until well-coated with the umami base. Season with the turmeric and Spike, and mix until all of the tofu has assumed that nostalgic shade of yellow.
- Cook until the veggies are tender and the tofu is a touch “caramelized.” If using, add the vegan cheese at the very end, and cook until just melted.
- Serve with love, salsa, and “buttered” toast. 😘

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