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terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2016

Good morning, darlings. 💚🌞 It’s been a while… I hope you are...

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Good morning, darlings. 💚🌞 It’s been a while… I hope you are having a gorgeous day. My phone went for a little swim, and as we have no Apple Store on island, I had to wait a couple of weeks for my replacement to arrive. Now that I have a phone again, I’m out of the habit of using and checking it regularly. I’m happy with this, though, as I was a lot more dependent on and addicted to my phone than I ever care to be again. While I appreciate the convenience of being able to deposit a check or call the vet any time, I also appreciate actually dealing with awkward pauses in conversations, writing letters rather than perusing Instagram at the DMV, remembering meals and sunsets rather than compulsively photographing them… And my cats definitely appreciate my constant, undivided attention. 🐱

🌿 I had to share this morning’s energizing smoothie with you, as it contains flavor from a darling friend’s enchanted basil forest and fresh lime juice, which has revolutionized my smoothie game. Smoothies, even healthy green smoothies, can run the risk of becoming sugar bombs; refreshing bursts of bright acidity like lime and lemon juice and aromatics like basil, mint, and fresh ginger can balance the bitterness of greens (and the funkiness of some superfoods like hemp seeds and spirulina) without resorting to sugary juice or excessive fruit. The exact breakdown for this refreshing concoction was:

- ½ fresh Granny Smith apple 🍏
- 3 spears frozen pineapple 🍍
- 1 c frozen kale leaves 🌿
- juice of one large lime 💚🍋
- a small handful of fresh, enchanted basil leaves from Rebecca’s yard 🍃
- 1 ½ tsp spirulina powder 🐢
- 1 c cold water 💦
- a large handful of ice ☃
… Blended until smooth and frothy 🌪

If you are new to “green” smoothies, or simply have more sweet-loving and less tart-loving tastebuds than I do, 🍭 I recommend adding a bit more pineapple or a little tiny bit of fresh fruit juice for balance.

Enjoy this green cup of love… Ideally in nature with technology out of sight. 💚

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