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terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2016

Happy Bunny Juice! 🐇 I’m feeling my inner rabbit today… And what...

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Happy Bunny Juice! 🐇
I’m feeling my inner rabbit today… And what a great day to be feeling it, because it resulted in one of my yummiest-ever juices! It consists of:

-6 smallish carrots
-3 chunks of ginger (about 1" long, thick, and wide)
-½ a large lemon 🍋
-1/3 a white nectarine 🍑 (I ate the rest before it made it into the juicer…)
-and about ½ c turmeric root chunks! 💛 Turmeric is an amazing, anti-inflammatory root often found in Indian and Caribbean cooking. It tastes delicious, and – fellow vegans, take note – actually contains 72% of the US iron RDA per serving! 💪🏼

(Absorption note from my googling, however - there is some question as to whether other phytochemicals in turmeric actually inhibit iron absorption, though the main direct study on the matter indicated that this is not the case, though chili does inhibit iron absorption.. Either way, vegan darlings, while animal products are certainly NOT necessary for healthy levels, and indeed many western people suffer problems from too much on this region’s meat-laden diets, it’s an important nutrient to be mindful of.)

Have a beautiful day, sweet darlings! 🌞

(And for the sake of balance, check back soon for recipes including: updated homemade macaroni and cheese and chocolate fondue cookies!)

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