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sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2016

nevillenoms: Earth Day Salad 🌸 Toss together: -Arugula (a...

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Earth Day Salad 🌸

Toss together:
-Arugula (a hearty handful)
-Edible flowers (assorted, from my local market)
-Strawberries (six, quartered)
-Julienned Carrot (one; I used a spiral slicer)
-Sliced Almonds (about half a handful)
-Mint Leaves (two pinches, lightly torn)
-Agave Vinaigrette (½ tbsp olive oil, one tbsp balsamic vinegar, one tbsp agave nectar)

Every bite of this salad is unique; the different blossoms each have distinct flavors and produce a variety of lovely sensations combined with the peppery greens, sweet carrots and berries, mint leaves, and crunchy almonds. Not one bite was unpleasant, though. My most blissful by far: a rose petal, a strawberry, and a mint leaf, together. I’ve had many rose-flavored foods throughout my life (macaroons, Turkish delight, tea, shortbread, etc.) but somehow did not realize how lovely they taste in their pure, raw form. The most wonderful flavors are sometimes found in the most unexpected places.

Thank you for the beautiful food, Mother Earth!

☮ Neville

On this hot summer day, I’m so craving this refreshing, flavorful salad from years ago…

☮ Neville

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