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domingo, 7 de agosto de 2016

Vegan Dining at Colorado Fondue in Orlando, Florida 🏔🍲 This...

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Vegan Dining at Colorado Fondue in Orlando, Florida 🏔🍲

This place has been a longtime favorite of mine, and I was so thrilled to share it with my sweet husband for his birthday dinner. 🎂 While the big bowl of cheese is the main attraction for many people, I can personally attest that the meal is just as good – indeed, better – without it. With the extremely helpful guidance of our awesome server, Kayla, I dined on:

1) Seasonal sriracha cucumber salad with a ginger dressing (not pictured but delicious and vegan with no modifications)
2) Extra bread, fruit, and raw veggies that my husband did not use in his cheese fondue (also no pictures, but big thanks to Kayla for hooking it up!)
3) The Nature’s Way Entree, which consisted of a massive plate of raw veggies, edamame, and marinated portobello mushrooms to be cooked in a bubbling pot of the most delicious vegetable broth (which already contained some veggies and pasta) and a hot rock for grilling. Be sure to specify vegan, as the entree usually comes with cheese ravioli (but trust me, the ‘shrooms alone satisfy… They’re amazing, savory perfection).
4) Dark chocolate fondue with crushed Oreos! 😻 Yes, if you ask, they’ll make it without the milk base… And it is dreamy, rich goodness. I enjoyed mine with fruit and pretzels, and my husband loved getting some extra cake for his. It’s a bit off the “beaten path,” but (with the caveat that you will need to be specific with your server) I highly recommend this adorably decorated, delicious place to locals and visitors who desire a festive, cozy, plant-based dining experience. 🌱

(EDIT: apologies for the poor quality photos – the lighting in there is quite “romantic”)

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