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terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

wikihow: Happy National Coffee Day!What do you know about...

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Happy National Coffee Day!

What do you know about coffee? Test your knowledge and learn more with this comprehensive guide to all things coffee!

General Coffee

  1. 7 Ways to Make Coffee
  2. 3 Ways to Make Coffee on a Stove.
  3. In the wilderness? Make Cowboy Coffee.
  4. Want to skip the “camp coffee”? - Make Coffee Using a Cloth Bag Filter.
  5. Want to know more about Percolators? 2 Ways to Perk Coffee.
  6. 4 Ways to Make Instant Coffee.
  7. 5 Ways to Make Iced Coffee. Avoid watered down coffee, Make Coffee Ice Cubes. Take it a step further and Make Coffee Granita!
  8. Sensitive stomach? Make Low Acid Coffee.
  9. 7 Ways to Make Dessert Coffee.
  10. How to Order Coffee.


  1. Make an Espresso (Espresso Machine). Make an Espresso with a Stovetop Espresso Maker.
  2. Make Espresso Drinks. Make Espresso Beverages with a French Press.
  3. Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  4. Make an Affogato.
  5. How to Be an Espresso Aficionado.
  6. Make Latte Art.

Coffee Around The World

  1. Make Turkish Coffee.
  2. Make Arabic Coffee.
  3. Make Irish Coffee.
  4. Make Indonesian Kopi Tobruk or “mud coffee.”
  5. Make Thai Iced Coffee (Kah-Feh yen).
  6. Make Mediterranean Coffee.
  7. Make Greek Coffee. Or Make a Traditional Greek Frappe.
  8. Brew Authentic Italian Caffe.
  9. Make a Eiskaffee (Creamy Iced Coffee).

Add Ons

  1. 4 Ways to Steam Milk.
  2. Flavor Coffee Naturally.
  3. Get Creative with Coffee.

Coffee Tips

  1. Clean a Coffee Maker.
  2. Clean a Keurig.
  3. Store Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee.
  4. Test Coffee Freshness with a Zipper Bag.
  5. How to Buy Green Coffee Beans.
  6. Roast Coffee Beans.
  7. How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder.

Alternative Coffee

  1. Save waste! Make a Reusable Coffee Filter.
  2. Recycle Used Coffee Grounds: Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden.
  3. Did you know Used Coffee Grounds can work as an anti-cellulite scrub? Use Coffee Grounds as a Body Scrub.
  4. Make a Coffee and Egg White Exfoliating Facial.
  5. Dye Fabric with Coffee.
  6. Dye Yarn with Coffee.

Coffee Desserts

  1. 3 Ways to Make Coffee Ice Cream.
  2. Make Coffee Brownies.
  3. Make Coffee Flan.
  4. Make Concentrated Coffee Extract.
  5. Make Coffee Cream.
  6. Make Coffee Syrup.

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